Heel Dock™ - Save Your Heeels!

The only solution to prevent scuffed heels & worn floor mats!

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For Rubber Mats...And Carpeted Mats! Prevent Shoe Scuffs...And Wear and Tear!
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Features & Benefits
  • Protects your shoe heels from wear & tear
  • Save $$ on replacing expensive floor mats
  • Luxuriously soft and well-cushioned
  • Super-Grip rubber backing ensures Heel Dockª stays in place on any floor mat carpeted or rubberized
  • Easy to clean: simply shake out or throw in the washing machine
You protect shoes in your closet, why not in your car?
Tired of scuffing the heels of your favorite shoes on the grit and grime of your carÕs floor mats?  Sick of replacing expensive floor mats that have been ripped to shreds by your shoes?

Look no further than Heel Dock, the luxuriously soft, well-cushioned rug-like solution that lets you drive in comfort while protecting your heels and floor mats from wear and tear.

Great for All Vehicles!

How Heel Dock Works?

How It Works: No more worn floor mats or scuffed, dirty heels! Order one for each vehicle you own!